Chopper Squad


Tango Tango Foxtrot!  Be a part of the ‘Chopper Squad’ and hang out with your buddies in this very cool slumber party set up. Fabrics adorned with choppers and cobalt blue complementing tents, this is heaps of fun. Every tent is adorned with fairy lights and silver lanterns also sit on every guest’s breakfast table.

Photographs are indicative only and some elements may be different from those shown. Inclusions and decorative elements differ between a Base Camp and a Luxe Camp. Refer to the image below to compare the packages.

Package Inclusions – Base Camps vs Luxe Camp

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Package Pricing

SleepoversRus slumber party packages consist of 4 tents. You can add additional tents below. Extra Base Camp tents are $45 each and Luxe Camp tents are $70 each.

Catering Options

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