DONUT Disturb Tent Signs – complimentary with all premium themes


These DONUT DISTURB tent signs are not only adorable, they are practical!

Children wishing to get some shut eye will feel at ease when they simply pop the DONUT DISTURB sign on the front of their tent. This will indicate to the other children that they are ready for some sleep and will no longer be participating in conversations etc.

On the front side the sign reads DONUT DISTURB – I’M CATCHING SOME ZZZ’s. Perfect for the night of the slumber party when you’re ready for sleep.

The signs are for the children to keep and reuse at home as on the reverse the sign reads ‘DONUT DISTURB – I’M CLEANING MY ROOM’. Every parent’s dream!

The signs are included free of charge in all PREMIUM SLUMBER PACKAGES. However, if you love them as much as we do and are only booking a base camp slumber party, you can purchase the DONUT DISTURB signs for only $2.00 each. The signs are made from durable polypropylene.

Why not give one to each child as a party favor along with some of our other great add on packs?