Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do I need to set up the sleepover tents?
The overall width of the tent, mattress and breakfast tray is approximately 100 cm wide x 2.4m long. If there is limited space, we sit the breakfast trays on the ends of the mattresses and/or length ways in between the tents. The tents are generally set up next to each other and/or opposite depending on the space available.

View our Gallery or check out our social media pages to see different party set ups.

If you are unsure if you have enough room, don’t hesitate to give us a call and/or send some photos/measurements of the room you intend on hosting the slumber party in. You also need to remember that if you intend on setting up the tents facing one another, there needs to be room in the middle of the room for the guests to access their tents.

How much space do I need for the Boho Soiree theme featuring the lace teepee and bedding only?

Each bed measures 185-191cm in length and the optimum space for the teepee set up is a space of approximately 2 metres x 2 metres. With the breakfast trays out the front of the beds a total length of up to 2.4m should be allowed. If there is limited space, we sit the breakfast trays on the ends of the mattresses and/or length ways in between the beds.

What packages and themes are available?
We have a wide range of Teepee Hire Packages along with Party Favours and fun hire activities. Click on the button below to be taken to the packages and then click on the SleepoversRus® Dream Team representative closest to your location to see which themes are available in your area. There is a detailed list of package inclusions within each party theme.


Is this party service available Australia wide?
SleepoversRus is currently available on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hobart and Melbourne, including Melbourne Bayside suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula. We may expand to other States in the future so be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates. Adelaide residents: We advise that we are no longer servicing parties in Adelaide.

When should I request a booking for my slumber party?
You’re best to book in as soon as you have settled on a date. This ensures you secure your preferred theme and party date. Payment of a 50% deposit secures your preferred party date and theme. Final numbers need to be confirmed 2 weeks prior to your party date but we ask when booking that your numbers are as accurate as possible.

Does SleepoversRus offer FREE invitations?
We sure do and not just invitations! You can download our FREE editable invitations and breakfast menus here. We have a huge range of invitations and breakfast menus that have all been specifically designed to match our slumber party themes. The breakfast menus look adorable printed and placed on the breakfast trays for your guests.
Does SleepoversRus provide pillows?
No – the children will need to bring their own pillows and pillowcases. Pillows are not supplied for hygiene reasons.

Does SleepoversRus provide complimentary gifts?
Yes, we provide a number of complimentary gifts exclusively designed and created by us. Every slumber party guest will receive a complimentary dental kit and sleep mask to take home. Guests sleeping in ‘premium’ slumber party packages will also receive a Donut Disturb tent sign, along with their dental kit and sleep mask.

We will provide a customised ‘Welcome’ poster which makes for a lovely keepsake after the party.

The Guest of Honour receives our very special ‘Dream Jar’. Did you know that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams simply by writing them down? Not only will the Guest of Honour have a sleepover to remember but also a ‘SleepoversRus Dream Jar’. The jar includes “Dream cards” to write your hopes & dreams on and a gorgeous gold leaf trinket all in a plastic mason jar. It could be used to keep treasured items or even as a money box to save towards making dreams come true. So many uses…..

What else makes a SleepoversRus slumber party unique is that we have has teamed up with Gai O’Dwyer, a Peak Performance Coach and professional speaker to create a beautiful audio story entitled the ‘Magical Sleepover’. Gai uses various techniques in her work including Neuro Linguistic Programming (‘NLP’). Simply put NLP is how to use language and words to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes. During the creation of the “Magical Sleepover“ Gai has incorporated specific language models to assist the mind to relax, in a fun and engaging story. As a mother, Gai appreciates, just as much as any Parent, the importance of getting your child to sleep, particularly when you’re having children sleep over and in this case, at the end of an action packed day. Once you have the children settled into their tents and you are ready for them to sleep, you’ll simply need to play the ‘Magical Sleepover’ audio file. We’ll send you a link to the audio file in the lead up to your party. We hope that you enjoy our gift of the “Magical Sleepover“, the gift of sleep, something all parents deserve.

How much is a base camp party package?
Our standard base camp party package includes 5* x sleepover tents, fairy lights, mattresses, quilts & quilt covers, fitted sheets, breakfast trays and a dental kit and sleep mask for each guest. Prices start at $250. Additional tents may be added to your package from $50 per tent. The Guest of Honour will also receive a SleepoversRus ‘Dream Jar’.

We also offer Premium themes which incorporate premium tent fabrics, additional feature string lighting and/or tent accessories eg Donut Disturb tent signs and pom pom garlands. Our Premium theme packages start at $290 for 5 tents and additional tents can be added for $60 per tent. Once again the Guest of Honour will receive a ‘Dream Jar’ and all guests will receive a SleepoversRus sleep mask and dental kit.

*If you need less than 5 tents, why not take a look at our specially created packages for 2 children or our DIY Boredom Buster Lockdown packages. Whilst we can supply less than 5 tents for set ups, our hire charges are generally not discounted. Due to the delicate nature of some of our handmade decorative elements, some themes are not available for DIY. These themes are clearly identified within the product listing. All teepee slumber package inclusions are clearly outlined in each product listing.

We also have fantastic Add Ons and equipment for hire and purchase.

What makes a SleepoversRus slumber party the best party in town?
SleepoversRus has been established since early 2016. With safety and fun being our top priorities, SleepoversRus slumber party packages are lovingly handmade to create a unique, bespoke and memorable celebration for your child and their friends. We are the industry leaders in slumber parties. We choose to handmake as many decorative elements as possible in our packages to provide you with a unique slumber party theme. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the quality of the products used in our slumber party packages. Some of our premium suppliers include Sheridan, Logan & Mason, Adairs Kids, Target and Tontine. Whilst the quality of a SleepoversRus teepee hire package allows us to stand our from our competitors, it’s also the complimentary gifts for the guests and Guest of Honour that come standard with a SleepoversRus slumber party.

Is delivery and set up included in the package price?
Unfortunately not. For an additional fee you can choose for the Dream Team Full Service whereby we will deliver, set up, style and return the following day for pack down and pick up.  The fee for this service starts at $100.00 (subject to party location and guest numbers). There may be additional charges for travel/tolls and/or if the party is extra large in size. More time is obviously required on site for the set up, styling and pack down of larger parties (generally 7+ tents). We will discuss any variation to the Dream Team service fee upon receipt of your enquiry.

Why isn't delivery and set up included in the price?

SleepoversRus prides itself on the quality of the slumber party packages provided to customers. We invest a lot of time and money to provide you with a premium slumber party hire package. All linens are ironed and we choose to use quilt covers, not blankets. Setting up a slumber party generally takes around 1.5 hours and pack downs around 45 minutes (based on a party of 5 tents). More time on site is obviously required for larger parties. We appreciate that everyone has a party budget and if you’d like to save some money, why not take a look at our easy DIY option, as outlined below.

What is the DIY option and where are the pick up locations?
The DIY option requires you to collect and return the slumber party packages to SleepoversRus representatives (at various locations), set up and pack down the party yourself at no charge, just the standard hire fees. The packages available in your area are shown under the individual Territory listings.

Please note that DIY packages need to be picked up and returned to the following locations:

Your SleepoversRus representative will confirm the pick up address upon confirmation of your booking. A bond is required for DIY set ups and not all themes (and elements) are available for DIY set ups. As an example, Boho Dreaming is not available for DIY set ups given the beautiful decorative elements ie floral tent bouquets made by us. We also don’t supply the lit fabric strip bunting in the Secret Garden due to the delicate nature of the fabrics used. Our double sided fabric flag bunting will be provided for all DIY set ups of the Secret Garden theme (not the butterfly adorned fabric strip lit bunting).

Do you offer a DIY delivery service?
SleepoversRus representatives Caroline Coffey and Melanie Freeman are able to offer a DIY delivery service whereby they will deliver the tents to you fully assembled, along with the other decorative elements, but you then undertake the set up, styling and pack down of the slumber package. All other SleepoversRus representatives can also offer a DIY delivery service but the tents will be delivered flat packed and you will need to assemble yourself. After the party your SleepoversRus representative will return to collect the package which has already been packed down by you. There will be a fee for this service to cover petrol and travel time but this this can only be quoted once we know your location. Generally the DIY delivery service takes place during the day or evening on a Thursday or Friday with pick ups on a Monday during the day or evening. If this service is of interest, please feel free to ask your SleepoversRus representative. Some packages are not available to DIY due to the delicate nature of the decorative elements. Any packages excluded from DIY are outlined within the package descriptions.
Do I need to pay a bond?
We do not require a bond for party packages set up, styled and packed down by the SleepoversRus ‘Dream Team’. However, we do require payment of a bond for DIY set ups.

The amount of the bond is dependent on the theme and the number of tents to be hired. Generally the bond is $100 for a DIY package of up to 7 tents. A higher bond may be requested for larger sized parties as more equipment is supplied. For security purposes we also request a copy of your Drivers’ Licence if you’re undertaking the DIY option.

How many children are catered for in a teepee hire package?
Five is our standard pacakge, however, we can provide less than 5 tents and recommend you take a look at our specially designed smaller DIY packages. Just send us a message via our ‘Contact Us‘ page and we’ll do our best to work with you to accommodate your party requirements.
Can I add on additional sleepover tents if I want to cater for more than 4 or 5 children?
Absolutely, just add additional tents under the ‘Delivery, Set Up and Extra Tents’ section in the theme listing. So long as you have the room we are able to accommodate very large parties, and have catered to as many as 23 children in one party on one evening (a 3 sibling birthday celebration) and 35 children for a School sleepover!  But, be sure to check our minimum space requirements to ensure you can cater for a very large party. We can work miracles in odd shaped spaces but we can’t move walls!
Do you cater for less than 5 children?
We do, however, the minimum Base Camp Package price generally applies.
Do you require a deposit?
Yes – a 50% deposit is required upon booking. Payment of the deposit secures your party date and preferred theme.
When is drop off and set up?
Delivery and set up will be completed no later than 1 hour prior to commencement of the party. Collection will be completed no later than 5pm on the agreed collection date (usually the day after the party).
How do I pay for the sleepover party hire package?
Payment of the required 50% deposit and/or party balance can be made via direct bank deposit or Visa / Mastercard via PayPal. PayPal payments incur a PayPal fee. Transfer via EFT is our preferred method of payment.

How do I book a sleepover party hire package?
You can make your selections online and click on the ‘Submit Booking Request’ button at the bottom of the theme listing or you can call us 0497 110 570. Completing the online booking request provides us with all the required information we need in order to prepare the required Hire & Purchase Agreement. At no time will you be asked to make a payment via our website.

Do you need to wash the bed linen after the party?
No – SleepoversRus will undertake all laundering of linen after we undertake the Dream Team pack down and/or once you return the DIY package. We always take care of the washing and ironing.
Does SleepoversRus wash the linen after every use?
Absolutely! SleepoversRus founders, Melanie Freeman and Caroline Coffey use the ‘Method’ Fresh Air range of laundry detergents and clients regularly comment on the cleanliness and freshness of the linens used. The Method company states that happy, healthy homes are their mission and that Method products eliminate dirt from naturally derived ingredients which are safe for your family. All SleepoversRus licensees are encouraged to use the Method range of laundry detergents – rest assured, however, that any products used are deemed to be hypo allergenic. To read more about the Method range of products – follow the link to http://methodhome.com.au/

We have recently had a number of incidents with glow stick fluid leakages and slime damaging linen. Please ensure that glow sticks are not hung from the tent frames and, if broken, are removed from the tent area immediately. Please do not allow the children to make and/or play with slime in and around the tents and fabrics. You will also thank us as you don’t want glow stick fluid or slime ruining your carpets!

Crafting activities such as DIY Dreamcatcher Kits can be undertaken in and around the tent area without any problems. However, any other crafting activities eg pillowcase decorating or pampering activities such as facials and nail polishing need to be undertaken well away from the tent area. Children’s fingernails and toes also need to checked for dryness before re-entering the tent area. Nail polish and fabrics simply don’t mix. If we are unable to remove nail polish, slime and/or the glow sticks have leaked and stained the covers, these covers will need to be replaced and you will be responsible for any replacement costs. Thank you for your understanding.

Can the children eat in their tents?
Absolutely, however, we just ask that you be mindful that they are eating and drinking items which will not stain the tents and linens should there be accidental spillages. We provide the breakfast trays so that the children can eat their breakfast and also a place to rest their water and midnight snack and/or popcorn and the like for movie watching. We simply ask that you are very mindful about what food and drink you give the children to consume in the tent area. Some of the linens used in our set ups exceed $100 per quilt cover and therefore it would be greatly appreciated if you could limit the food and drink consumed in the tent area, where possible.
What additional policies and terms should I be aware of?
Upon receipt of your Booking Request we’ll contact you to obtain any further information required to complete a Hire & Purchase Agreement. We’ll then send you the Hire & Purchase Agreement for review and upon signing this document you will be required to pay the deposit which in turn secures your booking. We do not hold dates so the deposit guarantees your party date and preferred theme.



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