Arabian Nights


You will easily be forgiven for thinking there is a mirage in your living room! Introducing ‘Arabian Nights’. This is the perfect theme for hosting a slumber party on a hot, balmy night. Bright pink, yellow, purple, aqua and mauve tents with hand made strip fabric and exotic coin bunting.

Brightly coloured paisley overlays adorn alternate tents. Bright yellow and white stripe and Sheridan orange moroccan patterned quilt covers complement the tents and luxurious gold fairy lights adorn the tents. Add some inflatable palm trees and you’ll seriously think you are in the middle of the desert!

Photographs are indicative only. Inclusions and decorative elements differ between a Base Camp and a Luxe Camp. Refer to the image below to compare the packages.

Package Inclusions – Base Camps vs Luxe Camp

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Package Pricing

SleepoversRus slumber party packages consist of 4 tents. You can add additional tents below. Extra Base Camp tents are $45 each and Luxe Camp tents are $70 each.