DIY Bag Charm / Keyring Kit


Our DIY Bag Charm / Keyring Kit makes the perfect slumber party activity.

The DIY consists of beautifully handcrafted neutral and patterned polymer clay beads allowing each guest to make their very own unique bag charm or keyring.

Whilst our DIY Kits comes with 5 suggested colour combinations, the children can be as creative as they like using the polymer clay beads provided.

Each DIY Bag Charm consists of a rose gold metal clip, all natural leather cord and 4 polymer clay hand rolled beads.  We also supply you with full colour instructions.  This crafting activity is suitable for ages 6+.

Priced at only $13.00 per bag charm / keyring.

Want to make the bag charm kit a little extra special?  Why not add one of our personalised initial charms for an additional $2.00 per guest.  You simply provide us with the guest’s initials and we’ll make up the personalised charms.