Oh La La


‘Oh La La’ will having you thinking you’ve stepped onto a chic Paris sidewalk.

‘Oh La La” features strong black and white stripes reminiscent of Moulin Rouge with delicate alternating pink tents and black spot overlays.

Magnifique black with large floral motifs quilts are alternated with watermelon ruffled quilt covers to create this luxurious look.

Our signature hand made bunting featuring motifs of a French Poodle, Effiel Tower and Fleur de Lys and a stylish night light for the feature tent to finish off this stunning theme.

Photographs are indicative only. Inclusions and decorative elements differ between a Base Camp and a Luxe Camp. Refer to the image below to compare the packages.

Package Inclusions – Base Camps vs Luxe Camp

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Package Pricing

SleepoversRus slumber party packages consist of 4 tents. You can add additional tents below. Extra Base Camp tents are $45 each and Luxe Camp tents are $70 each.