Sleepy Time Pillow Spray


Dream Sweetly ~ Sleep Peacefully ~ Wake Happily ………. with our new ‘Sleepy Time’ Pillow Spray.

Looking for a small take home gift for your guests, something you can’t purchase off the shelf from the local store? Look no further than our handmade, hand blended ‘Sleepy Time’ Pillow Sprays.

Provide each guest with their own 30ml bottle of premium essential oil pillow spray, personally blended by your SleepoversRus Dream Team member.  Only premium quality essential oils are used to create our very special ‘Sleepy Time’ scent.

For the perfect night’s sleep, lightly shake the bottle and spray the mist onto your pillow, close your eyes and dream away.

Special Note:  The 30ml spray bottles are plastic, not glass.  SleepoversRus does not use glass or other products deemed unsafe for use by children.

Take a look at our ‘Sleepy Time’ Pamper Me Pack or Sweet Dreams Packs should you be looking for a more substantial take home gift.

The packs, along with our wonderful ‘Magical Sleepover’ audio file, will certainly relax the children, sending them off for a peaceful night’s sleep.