The Palms


Do you fancy a flamingo? Then you are going to LOVE our latest theme, ‘The Palms’. With lush tropical foliage, fancy cockatoo and flamingo ‘Logan & Mason’ premium linens, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise.

‘The Palms’ has been created with the older girls in mind but no doubt the younger girls will love it too.  Aqua/green tonings dominate the theme, with a hint of salmon pink and orange.

Our signature hand made bunting featuring glitter flamingos and cockatoos hiding amongst the foliage is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  Aqua dipped lighting is also strung between the tents.

Each tent is adorned with a feature hibiscus and palm leaf arrangement, once again, handmade by us and truly unique.

‘The Palms’ is perfect for a Hawaiian Luau or the best pool/slumber party you could ever throw!

Photographs are indicative only. Inclusions and decorative elements differ between a Base Camp and a Luxe Camp. Refer to the image below to compare the packages.

Package Inclusions – Base Camps vs Luxe Camp

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Package Pricing

SleepoversRus slumber party packages consist of 4 tents. You can add additional tents below. Extra Base Camp tents are $45 each and Luxe Camp tents are $70 each.