Boho Dreaming


For those who love ‘Sugar & Spice’ but want a bit more of a bohemian look then ‘Boho Dreaming’ is what you are looking for.

‘Boho Dreaming’ features pale pink tents with lace hemmed overlays. Forefront and centre on each tent is a handmade floral bouquet using premium artificial foliage. The cream and blush peonies get a bohemian spin paired with other wildflowers. The muted, neutral peonies have an air of sophisticated whimsy and the Guest of Honour’s tent is dressed with a slightly larger bouquet.

Predominantly white quilt covers and pale grey sheets are used.

Handmade cotton rope macrame bunting hangs between the tents along with extra bauble string lighting.

Breakfast trays are adorned with gold birdcages filled with lit garlands to complete the whimsical look.

Package Inclusions
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