8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Slumber Party Specialist

8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Slumber Party Specialist

Hosting a birthday party can be time consuming and expensive.  A birthday event, no matter how small, may need to be planned weeks in advance in order to book a venue, arrange guests and plan the occasion.  Imagine the convenience of a party within the comfort of your own home with the birthday child surrounded by their very best friends. So, I am going to share “8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Slumber Party Specialist”, check out below.

It is a time-honored tradition for children to enjoy a sleepover to celebrate their birthday, however, sleepovers are not like they were when we were kids.  Our friends would bring a sleeping bag and a pillow and sleep (uncomfortably) on the living room floor after watching such movie classics as “The Karate Kid” and “Neverending Story”.  These days children enjoy a more luxe sleepover experience glamping on single mattresses under beautifully themed teepee tents by the glow of soft, dimmed fairy lights. These luxe slumber parties transform the ordinary living space into a magical and enchanting space creating a true sleepover experience, and a memorable birthday occasion.

If you’re new to the sleepover experience, you may wonder why you would hire a sleepover package when you can do-it-yourself.  Ultimately, it comes down to the experience you want to create for your child!  We take a look at why you should engage a slumber party specialist.

1. The Inclusions

SleepoversRus is a premium slumber party specialist with a full setup and styling service.  Our “Dream Teams” attend your home to deliver the slumber party kit, set up the sleeping tents and breakfast trays in the best configuration for your space, and style the tents for the ultimate “wow” factor.  It is the quality of the inclusions and attention to detail that sets us apart as a premium provider:-

  • Custom hand made tents
  • High-quality furnishings including handmade double-sided buntings, tent covers, overlays, and decorative elements using premium fabrics and materials
  • High quality matching linens including quilt covers and sheets from providers such as Adairs, Logan and Mason, and Sheridan
  • Flocked full-sized single premium air mattresses
  • At the foot of each mattress, each guest has their own individual breakfast tray
  • A personalized poster for the Guest of Honour
  • The Guest of Honour receives a unique SleepoversRus Dream Jar including “dream cards” to write their hopes and dreams on. But don’t worry, we don’t use any glass in our setups so it is a plastic mason jar – a unique and very special sleepover keepsake
  • Each guest receives a complimentary SleepoversRus sleep mask and a SleepoversRus dental kit (toothbrush and toothpaste), and for premium packages only, an additional DONUT DISTURB tent sign for guests to hang on their tent when they are ready to sleep
  • Parents receive a “Magical Sleepover” audio file which has been specifically recorded for SleepoversRus and is designed to send children off into a blissful night’s sleep
  • Parents can use our editable invitations and breakfast menus which have been individually created to match our fantastic slumber party themes

Pictured above ‘Camp Bear’s Paw‘ – a stunning new theme exclusively offered by SleepoversRus Melbourne West – bookings managed by April Robson.

On the day following the party, our Dream Team will return to pack down and collect the slumber party kit.

When you hire a slumber party specialist, it is a complete sleepover package service which has been developed over time (with over 800 sleepover experiences up our sleeve) making hosting a party easy and more importantly, fun.

2. Cost

When you arrange a sleepover experience it is easy to cut costs at the outset by avoiding the necessity to book a venue, and by drastically reducing the guest list!  You will no longer have to cater for family and friends and can limit your party to a few treasured best friends, and your child will thank you for it!

Even if you purchase the bare essentials that you need for a sleepover off the shelf (eg teepee tents, mattresses, bedding and decor) you will find the costs quickly add up, and your experience will not be the same as SleepoversRus.  The off the shelf items will not compare to the bespoke quality and premium standard of the inclusions provided by SleepoversRus, and without the great selection of slumber party themes available to you when you book with us.

We understand that not everyone can afford our Dream Team packages and we also have the option to Do-It-Yourself with our slumber party packages which can cut costs significantly.  Our normal packages are provided for you and you can choose to collect, set up, pack down and return the package – even the quilt covers are already ironed for you! This allows you to be involved in creating the sleepover experience.

3.  Convenience

The benefit of having a Dream Team set up is that our Team will set up, design, pack down and collect the slumber party kit without fuss.  This allows you to concentrate on other aspects of the birthday party including pressies, food and cake! To make things even easier, we have a number of great add-ons including party favour packs, and activities so there is no more for you to do!  To learn more about our add-ons visit here.

To help you with inspiration and planning your sleepover, we have collated hundreds of ideas on our Pinterest boards – just another way we like to provide a value-added service!

By providing a complete package service we save you the time, effort and hassle of sourcing and purchasing the sleepover essentials which nobody has time for!

4.  Safety

One of our company’s missions and priorities is to ensure that our sleepover experiences are not only fun, but safe. Our tents are custom made and manufactured in Australia to ensure safety and comfort. Our packages include battery operated LED lighting with no glass or other sharp materials used in the lighting or other decorative items used for styling purposes.

5.  Design

When you hire a Sleepover experience with SleepoversRus you have a wide range of choice of Slumber Party themes and designs, suitable for boys and girls, including Unicorn Wonderland, Arabian Nights, Secret Garden, Gone Dotty and Bootcamp (just to name a few).

6.  Support Small Business

SleepoversRus is not a conglomerate in any sense.  We currently service the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart with Licensees local to each of the areas.  Each business has invested time, effort and money to provide sleepover experiences to our high service standards. By purchasing a sleepover package, you are supporting the small business behind the SleepoversRus brand.

7.  Do You Really Need Another Reason?

We think a picture says a thousand words!

8.  Fun

Finally, and we think the most importantly, our Sleepover Experiences are fun!  We are so confident that your Guest of Honour and guests will have fun that we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

But don’t take our word for it… check out our testimonials here.

To find a slumber specialist in your area or to find out more, please explore www.sleepoversrus.com.au and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  We would love to be a part of your special day.