Top Activities for Kids to do in Hobart

Hobart may seem to be a small city on the map located in the southernmost part of Australia, but it never falls short of family-friendly activities to make your weekends with the family happening and memorable. Not only is the city very picturesque to visit but it also has some exceptional attractions and activities for the kids. From natural beauty to culinary delights to historical and contemporary attractions for visiting, your stay in this city will always be worthwhile.

In case you have come here while looking for some activities for the kids while in Hobart, then you are in luck today as we bring you the top attractions as well as some happening slumber party ideas to help you plan a surprise for your kid and their friends. All you have to do is lookup for some amazing party supplies and slumber party packages at SleepoversRus and order them away. You can also plan a themed slumber party with our help. Once you have planned the party and sent out the invites, all you will have to do is finalise the activities you will want the kids to do before they go into a deep slumber. Here are a few top attractions of Hobart along with some activity ideas to choose from, good luck from us!

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is the ultimate family-friendly attraction in Hobart that you shouldn’t miss out on. Plan to visit this place if you want your kids to see the extinct animals in other parts of the country but have a safe refuge in this sanctuary. This place can’t be regarded as a zoo as they aim to return the animals to the wild as soon as they are healthy enough. Native birds, koalas, lizards, possums, Tasmanian devils, and quolls are just some of the animals. Here are a few activities that your kid can do in this place that make it special:

  • Kids can encounter the animals up and close for around 10 minutes. The list of animals includes sugar glider, frogmouth bird, and brushtail possum. So, if your child is an animal lover, this is the right activity for them.
  • Your child can spend up to 2.5 hours while feeding their favorite animals. The list includes friendly animals like a wombat. From getting the Tasmanian devil hooked to their snack, to hand feeding the frogmouth bird, your child can feed these animals and watch them eat for as long as they want.
  • You can even book a guided night tour and make the kids learn about the nocturnal animals and the daylight dwellers.


The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Another great attraction for families in Hobart is the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. It has a very learning environment for the children to discover things on their own. Here are a few activities that children can do in this amazing place:

  • The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery host a Family Day once a month with many structured activities for young children customized to make their experience at the museum creatively joyful.
  • If your child loves to collect things, then you must introduce to them the specially curated collections of sheep tags, dominoes, bones, dragons so that they can collect their favorite items.
  • The museum has an exciting discovery backpack activity designed for children aged 7-12. This backpack journey includes backpacks filled with props, objects, and activities related to subjects that include Art, History, and Natural Sciences, etc. This activity is absolutely free and a hands-on game for the children to learn. It is based on the in-gallery loan system so the families can come and enjoy the activity.
  • The museum also offers a toolkit for the young discoverers at the information desk so that they can make their discoveries easily.



Do you have very active and energized kids? Do you want them to use their energy and expend it in a fun activity? Then you must plan a kayaking trip for the family. You have plenty of tour options ranging from a 2.5 hours long city paddling on the waterfront of Hobart to a full-day tour along the Beach or the Tasman National Park Coastline and many more. Choose a tour according to your choice and preference and go kayaking with your kids. Order a fish and chips delivery to keep their energy levels high while paddling, and they would love the scenic views as well as the amazing experience.


Plan a Treasure Hunt

If you are not planning on going out and want to make your child and their friend’s weekend just as superb while staying home, then we have just the right idea for you. Go ahead and plan a treasure hunt for the children. Look up some ways to create a treasure hunt online and DIY it. This is a great activity for the kids, which helps develop their coordinating skills while boosting their imagination and senses. Try to make the hunt as interesting as possible for the kids to keep them engrossed in it. They will spend hours solving the puzzle and wouldn’t even mind doing it because it will engulf all their senses.

If you are hosting a slumber party and want to give the kids the ultimate treasure hunt challenge, book SleepoversRus’ amazing Torchlight Treasure Hunt, which includes quests to complete and clues to help them along the way to solve the game. All you have to do is hide the clues and then let the kids work on it themselves.

The treasure hunt will be the perfect activity before bedtime. As they tire whilst undertaking all of the quests in the SleepoversRus Treasure Hunt, they will then happily snuggle down into warm beds and perhaps watch a movie. You can explore our amazing list of 2021’s upcoming movies and choose one for your kids according to their taste and preference.

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