How to Tame the Technology

Hosting a slumber party can be so much fun for you and your child. However, it can sometimes be tricky if your guests bring along their mobile devices and appear to be more engaged with the device than the party.

Here’s a simple idea to help you ‘tame the technology’. Be sure to visit our Inspirations page – you’ll see there are two free posters for you to download and print at home. Choose the poster of choice, download and print at home. Attach the poster to the front of a box or basket.

When your guests arrive, explain that their mobile devices will be safe with you whilst they are in your care. Be sure to be clear in letting them know that at any time they can come and ask for their phone if they are feeling like they need to touch base with Mum or Dad.

Every family has different rules with device usage, and this is just one suggestion to hopefully assist with monitoring device usage throughout the slumber party.

Whilst you are on the Inspirations page, be sure to check out the other cool ideas to make your party a huge success. The kids love the Chocolate Tasting Game …… be sure to use the complimentary sleep masks as blindfolds!

Have a wonderful slumber party.