Best Spring Party Ideas

Don’t you just love spring? Sunshine, flowers, butterflies…and a lot of birthday parties! Spring is the busiest party season in Australia, with a lot of babies born between September and November. So, for all of you planning celebrations this season, we have pulled together our best spring party ideas. Enjoy!

Spring Party Theme Ideas

Take your cue from nature when deciding on a spring party theme and celebrate all that is fresh and new.  For younger children, think flowers, sunshine, butterflies, baby animals, bees, ladybugs and strawberries. Spring is also the perfect time for a fairy party theme.

For tweens and teens, the nature-based look of a ‘Boho’ party is also perfectly matched to this time of year.

Spring is perfectly captured in our SleepoversRus ‘Secret Garden’ and ‘Boho Dreaming’ themed setups.

Spring Party Decoration Ideas

Whether your party will be held indoors or out, make your space bloom with bunches of real or fake flowers, strings of plastic ivy, and petals sprinkled on tabletops. A pastel colour palette looks perfectly pretty this season, with pastel paper pom poms, bunting and tableware. Natural elements blend in well with lace, paper doilies, hessian and twine.


If you get a fine spring day, you might like to set up your party table outside, so here’s a hint – make sure your setup can withstand a sudden gust of wind! Use tablecloth clips or weights to hold your cloth down, place individual drink bottles on top of paper plates, and tuck serviettes under plates or put them in a proper serviette holder to make sure they don’t blow away.

Spring Party Activity Ideas

Make the most of the fine weather with an outdoor scavenger hunt, either in the garden or a nearby park. Make up a checklist of natural things the children must collect – the largest or most colourful leaf; 5 pretty flowers; gumnuts; etc – then bring them home and turn them into a craft. Make a collage, use them for stencil-painting, arrange in a picture frame, or stick them into playdough to make woodland creatures.

Children will also enjoy decorating pots with paints and stick-on decorations and planting their own seedlings. They can even make a fairy garden featuring interesting rocks and foliage found during the scavenger hunt, or add purchased gemstones and fairy folk.

Tweens and teens might like to create flower crowns using fake flowers, foliage and florists wire.

Continue the fun outdoors with a DIY obstacle course using equipment such as hula hoops, play tunnels, beams of wood, pool noodles and any play equipment nearby. A quick Google search will provide lots of obstacle course ideas.

Then there is the classic game of tying doughnuts to a clothesline with string and competing to see who can eat their donut the fastest, without using their hands.

Of course, we always think a sleepover is great fun, and spring is the perfect time for a slumber party because you don’t have to worry about the house feeling too cold or too hot to sleep.

Food Ideas

Keep the food light, colourful and fun, and make the most of delicious fruits coming into the season. Party favourites that look perfect on a spring party table include:

  • Strawberries – by themselves, or dipped in chocolate
  • Fruit kebabs and rainbow fruit platters
  • Coloured jelly cups
  • Pretty cupcakes with a flower or butterfly decoration on top
  • Marshmallows on sticks dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles
  • Fairy bread with rainbow sprinkles
  • Savoury cheese and herb mini-muffins