Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Tween Birthday Party Ideas

“Help, I desperately need tween birthday party ideas!”

Parties get both easier and harder as the kids hit their tween years. They’re easier because you can usually invite just a small group of friends (and not the whole class), plus you no longer need to actively run the whole party.

At the same time, figuring out what to do can be harder. Tweens are not quite old enough to completely entertain themselves, but are too old for most traditional party games. So you need to think up fun, age appropriate things to do that are cool enough to win their discerning tween approval.

Fear, not, we have you covered, with these sure-fire tween party ideas.

Make it a sleepover

Tweens LOVE sleepovers. There’s something cheekily fun about running around in pyjamas, eating midnight snacks, and nestling down to sleep in the lounge room.  And it’s even better when you have an amazing setup of individual teepees strung with fairy lights along with their own breakfast trays.

SleepoversRus have a whole range of setups that are just right for tweens – in particular, check out our Oh La La, Let’s Flamingle, Arabian Nights, Into The Woods, Surfs Up and our brand new ‘The Palms’ themes.

And if you’re nervous about hosting the complete overnight sleepover, the kids will have just as much fun coming in their PJs to a dinner time party and lounging around the teepees for a few hours, before heading back home to sleep.

Choose-Your-Own Dinner

Tweens love to do their own thing, and this can work in your favour when it comes to feeding them. If you’re providing a meal, make it a DIY affair – lay out a smorgasboard of pizza, hamburger or taco toppings, and let them create their own meal. Ice cream sundae and hot chocolate stations also go down a treat. A candy buffet is also a fun and decorative addition, where the kids can fill their own lolly bags.

Get crafty

If your guests are into crafty stuff, then entertaining is easy. Provide them all with one or two art or craft activities, such as jewellery making, craft kits, mini canvasses for painting, macrame keychain making, and let them create their own masterpieces at a table (preferably with plastic set down underneath for easy cleaning after!). If you don’t want to spend too much time shopping for supplies, buy ready-made kits. SleepoversRus have gorgeous dreamcatcher kits that you can add on to any booking.

Do Science Experiments

If crafts are not the go, how about doing some science experiments? Science is hugely popular right now, and there are plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube, or you can purchase science kits from most toy suppliers. Do expect a little bit of mess – plastic tablecloths and floor coverings (again) are your friends. And you will need to supervise. But chances are you’ll have just as much fun experimenting as the kids.

Make It A Movie Night

Especially great for sleepovers, snuggle up under blankets and watch a movie while snacking on giant bowls of popcorn. You can add a little extra fun by creating a ‘Movie Premiere’ atmosphere – set up a candy bar, a red cloth runway, and a paparazzi photo station with photo props for the ‘stars’ to record their arrival. It’s even possible to hire outdoor cinema setups with inflatable screens and lounge chairs. Just be sure to check that the movie is age-appropriate and will pass muster with all the parents.

Pamper Time

Many tween girls will be getting interested in hair and beauty routines and can have great fun doing each other’s hair and experimenting with makeup or manicures. Set them up with some supplies and give them a little help, and this can keep them occupied for quite some time. Hair colour chalks and temporary tattoos are also fun and safe to experiment with – and many boys enjoy them too. Add a photo booth where the kids can record their new ‘looks’.

If you’re hosting a SleepoversRUs slumber party, you can add on our ‘Sleepy Time’ Premium or ‘Sleepy Time’ Mini packs, which include pamper-related items and make great party favors too.