15 Fabulous Pink Flamingo Party Ideas

flamingo party ideas

Who doesn’t love a pink flamingo? They’re fabulous, fun and just a little bit quirky. It’s no wonder flamingos continue to be a firm party favourite. Here are fifteen fabulous flamingo party ideas to make your next celebration flamingo-tastic.

1. Printable flamingo party invitations

Introduce your party theme early, with some super-cute flamingo invitations. Best of all, no need to create these yourself or search online – we provide free flamingo-themed invites on our website for you to use!  Check them out here and also be sure to take a look at the matching complimentary breakfast menus.

2. Hanging pink flamingos

It’s easy to decorate with pink paper pom-poms, lanterns and honeycomb balls. Leave them as is, or add a pink flamingo head and legs made out of card. Or you can find ready-made flamingo decorations online.

flamingo party ideas

Source: amazon.com

3. Flamingos in the garden

Check out your local garden shop or search online for flamingo garden ornaments that you can stick in the garden. Simple and fun!

4. Flamingo headbands

Make fun flamingo headbands for all your guests. Purchase thin plastic headbands and attach fluffy pink feathers using a hot glue gun (you can cut up a pink feather boa for this). Then add a cardboard flamingo head on top. 

5. Pink lolly or dessert buffet

Fill some jars with pink and white lollies, and let the kids fill their own party bags before they go home. Or lay out a pink-themed dessert buffet. For the candy buffet, add pink ribbon and printable flamingo party tags to your jars. For buy flamingo toothpicks at your local party shop.

6. Flamingo cupcakes

Pipe pink butter icing onto pink vanilla cupcakes, then add little flamingo heads and wings. You can purchase them made out of fondant or plastic, or alternatively cut shapes out of pink card.


Source: mybluprint.com

7. Pink lemonade

Fill a drink dispenser with pink lemonade (or add food dye to lemon-infused water). Serve in cups with pink flamingo paper straws.

8. Flamingo ring toss game

Plant a flamingo garden ornament in your lawn or in a pot, purchase some rings from a sports or games supplier, and you’ve got a fun ring-toss game.