How To Survive A Sleepover Party (And Even Enjoy It!)

Slumber Party, Sleepover Party

So your little cherub wants a sleepover party, but the thought of all those children staying overnight in your house has got your head in a spin. Don’t worry, you will get through this! And you will probably even enjoy it. Here are our top tips for surviving a sleepover party and coming out the other side.

It’s All About The Guest List

Put some thought into who you will be inviting. You’ll typically want to invite a smaller group than for a daytime party, and you’ll want to make sure everyone gets along well. A sleepover party is not the time to invite the whole class, or kids that your child isn’t really close to. It also tends to work best to have children who are very close in age, so this may mean excluding siblings.

Time It Just Right

Later afternoon or dinner time is a great time to start a sleepover party, as you don’t want there to be too many hours before bedtime. Have a set pick-up time the next morning that allows for a bit of a sleep-in (say 10 am). Communicate your end time clearly on the invite, to ensure your sleepover party doesn’t turn into a playdate the next day.

Plan Activities That Lead To Sleep

Plan a fairly boisterous activity – such as visiting a playground, or an obstacle course or scavenger hunt in the backyard – soon after arrival or straight after dinner, to help wear that party energy out. Then switch to calming activities, such as a craft or movie as you head towards bedtime. You probably won’t be able to provide bath time for everyone, but some time spent brushing hair, applying a face mask or soaking feet can provide a good wind-down.

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Make Sure Everyone Has All They Need

List everything children need to bring on the invite – such as pillows, PJs, teddies, toothbrushes – but also keep a few extras on hand in case something is left at home. Have blankets, night lights, and perhaps an extra cuddly toy, to ensure children have everything they need to feel comfortable and safe.

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Create An Inviting Sleep Space 

Plan ahead to ensure you have comfy mattresses and adequate bedding for everyone. If you don’t, ask guests to bring the extra things needed or, better yet, hire the SleepoversRus Dream Team to create your sleep-space for you. They will provide super-comfy mattresses, premium linen, and gorgeous little tents for all your guests to sleep in, along with magical touches like fairy lights, bunting, and breakfast trays.

Be sure to collect every parent’s contact number, and make sure they have yours. If a child becomes anxious, a quick call home to say goodnight may be enough to calm them. And if it’s not, give the child the option of returning home.

Keep The Doors Closed

Close the doors of any rooms you do not want to be disturbed and put a ‘keep out’ sign on them. This should include your own bedroom and any other siblings’ rooms. Also make sure to block off access to the home office, shut down computers, and ensure any medicines or cleaning products are safely put away. After all the kids have arrived, show them where everything is, and let them know where they’re not permitted to go.

Have Somewhere For You To Be

It’s easy to forget, but you have to have somewhere to go and something to do, too! Generally, the kids will want to spend time to themselves gossiping and giggling and doing all that sleepover party stuff, and they won’t want you around. So grab yourself a book or the TV remote, some yummy supplies and enjoy some time to yourself… with your phone nearby and one ear to the door, just in case you’re needed.

Have Water And Snacks On Hand 

Ensure the children have easy access to water, snacks, cups, and plates, so they don’t have to disturb you late at night. Remember to check for allergies beforehand and ensure your snacks are nut-free. 

Shine A Light On The Bathroom

It’s inevitable that someone will need to trot to the toilet in the middle of the night, so leave a light on and the toilet door open (or put a big sign on it) to make sure the way is easy to navigate.

Don’t Sweat The Sleep Stuff

Be prepared for little sleep! Sure, you want to encourage it, but don’t sweat it if everyone’s looking a little weary the next day. Keep the following day’s schedule clear so you can recover. To encourage sleep, use soothing scents such as lavender, and calming music or meditation track at bedtime.

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Sleepover Party

Keep The Morning After Simple

And finally, the next day…ensure you have coffee on hand for yourself and breakfast supplies at the ready for the children. As much as possible, have everything in order the night before so you don’t have to think too much the next day. A breakfast bar is a great idea, where kids can help themselves to cereal, toast, and juice. Feel free to put the TV on or have free play time instead of providing any organized activities, and don’t feel obliged to get the kids dressed before pick-up time.

Our complimentary editable Breakfast Menus are a great option so that you can plan ahead for the next morning – they also look super cute placed on the breakfast trays.

And after they’re all gone…it’s back to bed for you!