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Top 5 Sleepover Games for Slumber Parties

It’s sleepover party time! The tents are all set up, guests have arrived, and now you need some great sleepover games that the kids can play. Here are our Top 5 sleepover games, all of which can be played indoors and which are great fun for children across the primary school years. The Chocolate Tasting […]

Best Spring Party Ideas

Don’t you just love spring? Sunshine, flowers, butterflies…and a lot of birthday parties! Spring is the busiest party season in Australia, with a lot of babies born between September and November. So, for all of you planning celebrations this season, we have pulled together our best spring party ideas. Enjoy! Spring Party Theme Ideas Take […]

Kapow! Birthday Party Saves the Planet

Guest blog by Alicia Lee Long I vividly recall the birthday parties from my childhood and, upon arrival, the tables were not only laden with bottles of red and orange Fanta but there was also an astronomical abundance of plastic – plates, cutlery and table-cloth. Never mind the glorious and giant piñata in the centre […]

5 Reasons Kids (and Parents) Love Teepee Parties

Teepee parties are perfect for kids sleepovers and slumber parties. Here’s why kids love teepee parties, and why they work so well for the parents too. 1. Kids love slumber parties! Slumber and teepee parties go hand-in-hand, and there is something magical for children about attending a sleepover. Dr Erikson of Super Nanny says, ‘Sleepovers and […]

13th Birthday Party Ideas

There’s something special about a child’s 13th birthday; they are so excited to become a teenager and it’s a special birthday milestone to celebrate. But thirteenth birthday parties can be tricky, as your child is no longer so easily entertained, and bored teenagers can soon get up to mischief! However, there’s a whole lot of […]

Tween Birthday Party Ideas

“Help, I desperately need tween birthday party ideas!” Parties get both easier and harder as the kids hit their tween years. They’re easier because you can usually invite just a small group of friends (and not the whole class), plus you no longer need to actively run the whole party. At the same time, figuring […]

Boys Sleepover Ideas

Got a boys sleepover party coming up, and wondering how to entertain them the whole night through? Here are our top boy’s sleepover ideas – guaranteed to keep the kids well occupied and out of mischief! Party Food For a sleepover party, you’ll be feeding the kids dinner, so you’ll need to provide something fairly […]

How to wrap presents like a pro, decoration ideas and ribbon alternatives

How To Wrap A Box Place your box on your wrapping paper, and loosely wrap the paper around the box, to get an approximate measure of the amount of paper you’ll need. Add an extra 5 cm on each side, and cut the paper. For wrapping technique, take a look at some of the many […]